Welcome to the world of Lily Herrington Art ...

... a world of casual, intimate and bold painting compositions. A world of expressive (self) portraits and human connections.

My paintings are about freedom, warmth and love, what can be seen, what can be guessed at.

Although I think a painting always tells the story better than words, I think I can summarize my work as exploratory painting of body and mind.

In my paintings I want to represent both the power and energy of body and mind as well as the tranquility, beauty and softness of it.
People and their bodies.People and their minds. What does someone say without words? What do I express without words? That fascinates me.

Who is Lily Herrington?

Lily Herrington is actually Liesbet van den Berg. The name Lily Herrington originated during one of my trips to Scotland. There I read Lily Herrington on a weathered stone during a walk over an old cemetery. This beautiful name kept ringing in my head even after returning home. As if I had to pass it on ...

I decided to borrow the name Lily Herrington for my artistic alter ego. So at the grocerystore I am just Liesbet and when I paint I am Lily Herrington; a name that inextricably connects me with one of my most important sources of inspiration, the most beautiful country in the world: Scotland.

The beginning

During my time at the art academy I discovered that painting is a combination of creating a world out of paint, without that paint 'getting in the way' (the technical part) and developing an own style. The latter in particular needed time ...

Just back from a vacation from Scotland, my eyes kept staring at that one photo that made all the others (957) unnecessary. That one photo confirmed that my technique and my personality finally agreed. I suddenly understood what I had to do. How I could express myself. What would make me happy. I glued the map of Scotland on a canvas and started to paint over it. An energy was released that I had never experienced before.

I still use this technique frequently - the reuse of material as an inspiration background for a work.
Usually with an addition of a song that appeals to me. Not always visible anymore, but present as a deeper layer (and with the permission of the songwriter)

The education

My first teacher was artist Martin Copier from Werkendam. An inspiring teacher who encouraged me to take the step to the Art Academy.

From 2011-2017 I studied painting at the art academy in Hoogstraten, Belgium. A nice, good, educational time.

Recently I have followed short courses or workshops with, among others, Rogier Willems, Liesbeth van Keulen of Portetschool Amsterdam, Sam Drukker, Ellis O'Connor.

The workplace

Where the magic happens ...

This is my studio in my house. I can be found here every spare hour. But I do have another studio; one of the finest results of my time in Belgium are my unrivaled painting friends of DopArtSix. I paint with them every Monday in our studio in Oosterhout.

You can find examples of my work under the Portfolio button. Do you have questions about my work? Are you interested in buying a work? Mail me via the application form under the button Contact. You can also use this form to ask questions about working in commission.